Learn the visual effects software for animation and compositing


You have mastered digital graphic designer and want to move into animation and visual effects? This program introduces you to Autodesk Maya, Blackmagic Fusion, Side Effects Software Houdini and Blender, the leading software used by VFX artists.


The program is assignment-driven as animation and creation of visual effects require intensive work by the artist. Students will acquire the fundamentals of visual effects through hands-on assignments to build a portfolio.

Learning functionalities of different VFX software will help students get entry-level jobs in creative studios, regardless of the software they use. The main features include animation, modelling, matte painting and compositing and the universe of computer-generated imagery.

VFX Program – 940 hours

  • Presentation of VFX technologies
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Introduction to Maya
  • Advanced Photoshop for VFX
  • Advanced After Effects for Photoshop
  • Advanced Premiere Pro for VFX
  • Introduction to Blackmagic Fusion
  • Introduction to Houdini

Some of the assignments

  • Compositing and rigging with Blender
  • Rendering with Maya
  • Rigging with Maya
  • Compositing with Fusion
  • 3D particle systems
  • Mantra rendering
  • Compositing and rendering with Houdini


The school will provide laptops for use in the classroom but students may bring their own laptop

Equipment specifications minima

PC 14”, Intel Core i7, 16GB, 512GB
NVIDIA Quadro P500 Graphics Card (2GB)

MacBook Pro, Intel Core i7, 2.8 GHz
ThinkPad P52s Specifications
2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB, 512GB
Integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics


Adobe Creative Cloud - Monthly fee for students: $19.99

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