You already are an experienced coder Learn the specifics of FinTech


You already master back-end programming skills that allow you to code proficiently for enterprises that are dealing with a huge volume of data.

You want to work in the financial industry, a diversified sector that has historically pioneered innovations in technology. You’ll acquire the knowledge of the industry where you want to work.


This course involves a range of theoretical courses about the various aspects of the financial industry. It also includes challenging projects about algorithm-driven technologies that help financial industry institutions manage processes and operations to better serve their customers. Fintech first focused on the financial industry back-end. Today, its technology advances serve customers who increasingly access information via smartphones while the new frontier is the development of crypto-currency systems.

IT in Financial Industry Program – 645 hours

  • Basics of economics and financial markets
  • Financial markets players
  • How financial markets work: Regulators
  • How technology has changed financial markets
  • Financial industry and communication technology
  • The complex world of massive data
  • Real-time data and algorithms
  • Security: a rising concern
  • Crypto-currencies

Some of the assignments

  • Create a program for algorithmic trading
  • Find best resources for specific missions
  • Create rules to prevent program errors
  • Proposal to increase efficiency for electronic books
  • Proposal to better handle real-time data
  • Identifying financial systems’ security threats

Equipment, specifications minima:

Laptop 14”, CPU Intel, Core i5, 512 GB, 8 GB

IT Challenges for the Financial Industry New York