Programming : C / Java / Python

100 hours / 8 – 10 weeks

Coding for Databases, Networks, Systems Administration


In just one year, our Basic Programming program will allow you to master C, the language that powers most enterprises’ operations, their databases, their systems and their networks. You’ll also learn Java and Python.


The program includes a large share of skills and lab works as hands-on experience is essential to attain a professional level in programming. Because technologies evolve rapidly, the assignments will give programmers the basis needed to adapt to the latest evolutions in development or emerging languages.

While you’ll acquire the skills needed as a back-end coder with Basic Programming, you may consider following up with our Advanced Programming program that will allow you to master programming in C++.

Our programs are assignment-driven so that students who complete it successfully will have the skills required to work as a developer and system administrator in a wide range of economic sectors. The projects are challenging and aimed at developing real-world skills under the supervision of a teacher who will guide students through demanding projects.

Basic Programming Programs – 1320 hours

  • Introduction to C programming and algorithms
  • Systems administration and networks
  • Introduction to Python
  • Advanced C
  • Data structure
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating system user interface

Some of the assignments

  • Develop a basic calculator
  • Configurate a simple IP network
  • Create a basic web application
  • Develop a Battleship game or Tetris-type game
  • Create a simple autopilot system

Advanced Programming – 1242 hours

  • Introduction to network and distributed computing
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming in C++
  • Advanced OOP in Java and .Net
  • Binary and Web security
  • Mobile programming
  • Game and graphic programming

Final Challenge

A final project determines whether the student will graduate. They will present their project in a 50-minute presentation that includes Q&A from the teacher. The human-computer interface and security aspects of the product software are of particular importance in grading.


The school will provide laptops for use in the classroom but students may bring their own laptop

Equipment specifications minima

Laptop 14”, CPU Intel, Core i5, 512 GB, 8 GB