100 Hour Programs : Web Design and Development


Learn how to create and develop websites with ADOBE DREAMWEAVER in a Mac or PC environment. Start with learning how to create a webpage and move up to designing a full website.

Learn the basic languages that also allow you to create websites: HTML, CSS and JavaScript and learn how to use them with Dreamweaver, focusing on the layout. Projects include creating a portfolio website and how to maintain the website.

Professional Goal:

Create and animate a website in a Mac or Microsoft environment


This course is for students who already master Photoshop and want to bring creativity to the next level with Illustrator for art works.

Learn the functions of Illustrator’s detailed menu, align objects, create shapes; edit and draw with Pen tool. Learn how to master the use of colors with Live Paint. Projects include creating a spaceship, drawing a cartoon character, and using fonts, formats and calligraphy for a poster.

Professional Goal:

Being able to create elegant text and visuals for a website