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Date :July 18, 2019

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18 July, 2019
The Asian Creative Collective started as a Meetup group whose goal was to bring together creatively oriented Asian people to share their stories about their path through life to their current creative work. In their own words: “We spark conversation around entrepreneurship and being an Asian creative in the modern digital world.” The format of the events is a panel of speakers giving short (10-15 minute) presentations, followed by a question and answer session for each speaker, as well as an additional question session Today, the group organizes monthly events. The most recent event was about science and artificial intelligence (mainly natural language processing by machine learning methods). As I have been attending ACC events since the beginning of 2019, I developed a relationship with the organizers and was offered a role as a panel speaker. I accepted with an offer to host the event at Technology & Media School.

Michael Thai – Senior Software Engineer

Michael Thai is the co-founder of ACC and a software engineer developing backend architecture, systems, and languages for an AI customer service platform.

Mike Phan – NLP Product Manager

Mike Phan works as a Product Manager focusing on Natural Language Processing, bringing together his theoretical linguistics background and contemporary Machine Learning approaches to natural language

Lili Yu – NLP Researcher

PHD from MIT in 2017 and since then has been working as a research scientist in a startup focusing on NLP research

Alexandre Ismail – Director of Technology and Media School

Alexandre has several years of international experience working at the intersection of higher education and science & technology start-up companies. This is centered around molecular modeling, which naturally combines computer programming, machine learning, and chemical data visualization.

Howard Chen – ML / NLP Research Engineer

Howard is a ML/NLP Research Engineer at ASAPP

Anshul Mathur- Former consultant with McKinsey & Company

Anshul Mathur Anshul is a physician and a former consultant with McKinsey & Company.